Monday, May 20, 2013

Friday, May 17, 2013

(Persona Development)

Who am I ?  A Cherokee
What’s my name? Spotted Snake
How old am I?            15                                           What is my birthday? Jan 7
Where was I born? Near Fort Loudon
Who are my parents, where were they born and what is their birthday?
Father Red Wolf   5th moon of the year
What does he do for a living? Hunt and be a warrior
Mother little bird 1st moon of the year
What are my Grandparents names, where were they born and what is their birthday?
Father’s Father  Big bear
Father’s Mother Little turtle
Mother’s Father Bear
Mother’s Mother  fox
Do I have brothers and sisters? No                 Who are they?
Where do I live now? Near Fort loudon
When did I arrive here? I was born here  
What kind of house do I live in? in a Cherokee home
How did I get here?
Do I go to school?  No                                               How do I learn? A white trader and my father
Can I read?     Yes                              Can I write?                Yes                  Can I cipher? (math) No
What other skills do I have? (Sewing, cooking, hunting, blacksmithing, etc.) Hunting and making war
What do I do on a normal day?  Hunt
What do I do for fun? Sing songs and do the stomp dance
What religion am I? christian
What clothing do I wear?  Why a wool breechcloth a trade shirt and leggings to make one to

The Raid

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Martins Station

just got back from the the Raid At martins staiton should be posting pics here soon