Thursday, February 28, 2013


Just got back from a good trek had a blast 


  1. Great image my young friend, & good to see you are getting out & trekking.
    Our group has now gone international. I would be pleased to have you join our forum (unless you are members already?). Members in America are now starting new chapters of our group in various states.
    Regards, Keith.

  2. Was redirected from Keith's site. My parents allowed my brother and I to buy our first firelocks at sixteen. We've learned quite a bit since then. Love the photo. You fellows look the part of Fort Pitt market hunters, even in front of your rock house along the Ohio! Check out the Journal of New River Valley History: Journal of Western PA history: and for some good research that will help you in your journeys. Lots of good information (Primary accounts) online with historical societies and universities.

    Keep up the good work!